Payment Methods

Jupoco offer 4 payment methods to convenient your order:

Bank Transfer;  Westernunion;  Cash;  Moneybookers

1. Bank Transfer
   We send you the Profomer Invoice with total cost and bank infomation for your transfer. It is the most common payment.

Our bank information is

BENEFICIARY: Jupoco Industrial Limited    
BANK NAME : HSBC HongKong    Bank code: 004
BANK ADDRESS: 1 Queen's Road Central HongKong

2. Westernuion (
   It is a fast and easy way to pay by westernuion, you can complete the transfer by westernunion in bank, postal office, or even in Convenience Store. The require infomation is simple,too.

3. For any order, you can pay cash and pickup the package yourself from the company.

4. Moneybookers (
   A popular payment root in europe, fast transfer with lower charge,you can complete the payment on the internet within 1 minute. For less than $200 orders, we suggest you to try this payment.

5. We offer Paypal account for mini order too, to pay by paypal charge 5% fee.  Our paypal account

Pease contact us once you do the payment, we will send the packge in 1-2 days.


The shipment cost depends on the total weight, and the distance.

We will happy to send by your DHL/UPS accounts if you have it

DHL usually use for lightly weight and little package


For wholesale, and our distributor, this is a cheaper way for shipment when you place an order

Since we keep good cooperation ship with UPS/DHL, we can give you better shipment than official price


It is a fast way to send to some east europe countries, if there are not DHL/UPS service in your local, TNT is also a good choice.




For some parts with manufaturers' logo on the box, just like "SONY", "SANYO"...

We encourage you to send by EMS, it is really a safer way for delivery

Air way

By normal air way, they just send the package to your nearest airport, and you need to pickup the package yourself, and pay some charge(it is custom clearance, the cost depends on your National Policy).

This method regulary for high weight package delivery, cheaper cost and a little long time than the express(UPS/DHL)


There are some ways for your choice if the above mentioned  do not meet you.

Such as FEDEX, or other express you like, postal code

Let us know which you prefer